July 13, 2024


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Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd celebrates 250th Foundation Day

Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) is celebrating its 250th Foundation Day on May 14, 2024. To mark the day, a series of events were organised in Mumbai, presided over by Defence Secretary Shri Giridhar Aramane. These included the inauguration of adjacent land acquired from Mumbai Port Authority (MPA); launch of a prototype of indigenous midget submarine; commissioning of Solar Electric Hybrid boat & Fuel Cell Electric Ferry; release of MDL’s Commemorative Coin; and a day-long technical seminar.

In his address, the Defence Secretary termed the MDL as a precious jewel of India, which has immensely contributed towards the nation’s economy and security by building up the capabilities for Naval as well as commercial purposes. He commended the MDL for being the country’s biggest shipyard contributing through most of the assets of the Indian Navy, having a big export market and collaboration with foreign players.

Shri Giridhar Aramane asserted that India occupies a central role in the Indo-Pacific region and consistent efforts are being made to strengthen the shipbuilding capabilities of the country by involving & motivating the private sector to be a part of the country’s growth story. Underscoring the importance of achieving self-reliance in today’s times, he exhorted the MDL to fully realise its true potential in warship building technology. He urged the shipyard to work with the private sector and build a consortium of shipbuilders to cater to the domestic needs as well as the requirements of friendly nations.

The Defence Secretary highlighted the major role being played by the Indian Navy in providing security to the region and beyond, including its operations in the Arabian sea. He stated that the geopolitical scenario is such that the Navy will continue to play a pivotal role, for which shipbuilders will have to contribute immensely. “India cannot depend on others for constant supply of anything. There is a need to develop indigenous capacity to produce latest technologies through innovation. To defend our borders, we need to master top-class technologies,” he said.

MPA Land

The contiguous piece of land, acquired from the MPA, was inaugurated by the Defence Secretary. This would be developed for simultaneous construction and outfitting of new builds & repairs/refits of various types of vessels. The new infrastructure will give adequate bandwidth to the shipyard for simultaneous execution of various projects.

Midget Submarine

The MDL has successfully completed the platform design and hull of the midget submarine named ‘Arowana’ which was launched by Shri Giridhar Aramane. The shipyard has been building submarines since 1984 with foreign design. It has also commenced the design and development of an indigenous conventional submarine. Midget Submarine is being developed as a proof of concept. The team is parallelly working on the development of design of full-scale conventional submarine by 2028.

Solar Electric Hybrid boat

The Defence Secretary also commissioned the Solar Electric Hybrid boat with top speed of 11 Knots designed and co-developed with indigenous technology partner. The running cost is almost 1/10th of a diesel boat, and has a very low maintenance cost.

Fuel Cell Electric Ferry

A 24-passenger Fuel Cell Electric Ferry named ‘SUCHI’, conceptualised by MDL and co-developed with indigenous technology partner was also commissioned. Its advanced technology has zero emissions, low acoustic signatures, leading to cleaner waterways and contributing to environmental conservation.

Technical Seminar & Commemorative Coin

Shri Giridhar Aramane also inaugurated the Technical Seminar on ‘Emerging Technologies and Future of Shipbuilding’. To commemorate 250 years of MDL’s existence, he released a coin, issued by RBI, crafted to honor the rich history & enriching legacy of the shipyard.

From a small dry dock in 1774 to its incorporation in 1934, and subsequently, its stewardship under the Government of India since 1960, the completion of 250 years of MDL is a milestone that marks a testament of resilience, growth and enduring legacy.

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